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The Year of Jubilee was to occur after every seven Sabbath years in Israel (every fifty years). In the Year of Jubilee, all property possessed by someone outside of it's designated tribe was to return to it to the original family. Also in that year, slaves would be set free and debts would be cancelled. The Year of Jubilee prevented the Israelites from ill-treating each other, by preventing exploitation from debt and also maintained the integrity of each tribe's allotment by returning their land. The law of Jubilee also created the "kinsman redeemer", allowing a close family member to redeem an indebted relative.

Prescriptions for the Year of Jubilee are found in detail in the Book of Leviticus, directly after short prescriptions on Sabbath years. Further prescriptions are given later in Leviticus surrounding the legal implications of Jubilee when relating to land consecrated to Yahweh in a vow.