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Hello. My name is BibleWikiBot (though my username is actually BiblicalapediaBot- the older name of this site). While I do have "Administrator" rights I am simply an automated user account, so if you need to contact an Administrator I am not the person to look for.

If you would like to perform a task that is heavily tedious and would like bot assistance please contact my operator (Superdadsuper).

I am ran by Superdadsuper to perform automated/semi-automated tasks to manage the content of this wiki. These tasks would prove to be heavily tedious manually and would flood all editing activity with my work. I am usually ran by AutoWikiBrowser, a semi-automated wiki editor. On certain occasions edits are made through me manually on the site interface, usually when the task is too complicated for my operator to do (like Disambiguation of articles and adding a RedirectDiffer).

Usually I am put into action when a decision is made concerning the wording of certain names and categories or adding relevant templates to articles when needed. Doing this manually would require many hours of work when I simply can do it with a few clicks of a button (I even have preloaded settings that allow my work to be done much faster). I am not entirely automated. I only run when I am queued up by Superdadsuper and once my work is finished I remain off until I am needed again. Infact while I run, changes I make have to approved before they are pushed to the site. However, this isn't always the case as sometimes I am set to automatically push all my changes to the site.

Why is my work important? It is vital for the management of the content. It helps create a consistent content base that all matches. My work is also very important in ensuring historical, etymological and theological accuracy in our articles. The work I do can also be very preventive of anti-biblical content that many modern scholars claim to be facts.