Bible Wiki


My name is Adam, I am a 21-year old college student at Missouri Baptist University studying a Bible degree with an English minor. I am the long-time caretaker and visionary of this wiki. As of recent I have shifted my focus more to the blog.

I feel my calling in life is to help believers better know the Word of God and to serve the church. Sadly, most Christians do not read their Bible on a regular basis and miss out on the key to spiritual growth. My hope is to help alleviate that issue and help believers grow closer to God.

Currently I am a Editorial Intern at a church gifts products company in St Louis alongside my studies and volunteering as a Teaching Assistant/Student Fellow.

About the Wiki

From its "inception", this wiki has been about engaging believers to become readers of the Bible. This is a challenging medium to do so, as users must often have a knowledge of the Word to then write about it. Frankly, I've realized the vision of a user-contributed website about the Bible may not be the best method to develop content for two reasons: 1. People do not know the Bible in the first place (and the majority of users are in their teens and don't have the interest/life experience) 2. The Bible can be complex. While any believer can understand it and apply it, it is very difficult for users without formal training to then articulate the theological, literary and historical aspects in a way that is accurate and trustworthy. Furthermore, people need to be able to converse with outside resources that can inform their reading and create credible content.

That being said, I "chip away" at this wiki and its content. You are more than welcome to join us on this journey. The primary goal is for us to help connect you to the Word of God so you can be transformed by its life-changing message, namely the Gospel of Jesus Christ.