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Timothy was a close associate and disciple of the Apostle Paul, who was the young overseer at the Church in Ephesus. As a disciple of Jesus Christ in Lystra, Timothy was recruited to be a missionary by Paul during his visit there. Timothy was the recipient of two letters from Paul Timothy was also close with Silas.


Early life[]

Timothy was born of the union of a Gentile and a Jew: a Greek man and a Jewish woman named Eunice.[1] At this time the marriage would have been greatly disfavored by the community at large. Timothy lived and grew up in Lystra, residing with his parents and grandmother, Lois.

From infancy, Timothy was raised in Scripture (at the time the Old Testament).[2] While raised half-Jewish, his Greek father did not have Timothy circumcised like other Jewish males.[3] At one point his grandmother came to the faith (probably converted from Judaism to Christianity), eventually leading his mother and him subsequently to the faith as well.[4] As a believer, Timothy grew in rapport amongst Christians in both Lystra and Iconium.[5] Nonetheless, Timothy's father being a Greek likely drew him a lot of criticism from his Jewish neighbors.[3]

Paul's Apprentice[]


By the time Paul visited Lystra, Timothy was a Disciple in the Faith, held in high regard by other Christians in the area. When Paul heard of Timothy's approval by the brothers, he wished to take him with him on church planting ministry. First, Timothy had to be circumcised, because this would put a great barrier in any ministry with the Jews.[3] Timothy's Greek father did not circumcise him on the eighth day; since Timothy was ethnically half-Jewish, being uncircumcised would bring great criticism from the Jewish community.

Paul's Helper[]

Timothy traveled around with Paul's group, dedicated to advancing the Gospel and planting churches amongst the Gentile population. Timothy traveled with Paul, Silas and other companions, visiting various cities of Greece.

At one point, he was arrested for a time, and was eventually released.[6]


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