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Sisera's Murder

Sisera was the Supreme Commander of the Canaanite army. He was also a Lord in the Caanite Kingdom and had a reputation that gave him grand respect. His master King Jabin of Hazor sent him against the Israelites who had been subject to him and were now rebelling under the leadership of the prophetess Deborah and the army commander Barak

The two armies met at Mount Tabor where God gave victory to the Israelites by causing a storm, which created mud, and all the Canaanite chariots were stuck in it. The Canaanites were then at the mercy of the Israelite army.

During the slaughter that followed, Sisera fled on foot. He went into the tent of Jael, the wife of  a man who was nominally loyal to King Jabin . She gave him food and water, but while he slept, she drove a tent peg into his head, killing him. She reported Sisera's death to the Israelites.

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