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The Second Epistle to the Corinthians (better known as 2nd Corinthians) is Paul's second letter (or epistle) to the people who were living in the Greek city of Corinth.


I. Intoduction

A. Greetings (1:1-2)
B. The God of all Comfort (1:3-11)
C. Paul's Change of Plans (1:12-2:4)

II. Teachings

A. Forgiveness for the Sinner (2:5-11)
B. Ministers of the New Covenant (2:12-3:6)
C. The Glory of the New Covenant (3:7-18)
D. Treasures in Jars of Clay (4:1-18)
E. Our Heavenly Dwelling (5:1-10)
F. The Ministry of Reconciliation (5:11-6:2)
G. Paul's Hardships (6:3-13)
H. Do Not Be Yoked with Unbelievers (6:14-7:1)
I. Paul's Joy (7:2-16)
J. Generosity Encouraged (8:1-8:15)
K. Titus Sent to Corinth (8:16-9:5)
L. Sowing Generosity (9:6-15)
M. Paul
1. Paul's Defense of His Ministry (10:1-18)
2. Paul and the False Apostles (11:1-15)
3. Paul Boasts About His Sufferings (11:16-33)
4. Paul's Vision and His Thorn (12:1-10)
5. Paul's Concern for the Corinthians (12:11-21)

III. Closing

A. Final Warnings (13:1-10)
B. Final Greetings (13:11-14)