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The Sabbath (Heb. שַׁבָּת; Gr. σάββατον) was a day of rest appointed by God (from שָׁבַת meaning "to cease, to desist"). After the creation of everything across six days, God rested on the seventh day. Having "worked" six days to make everything, God ceased work on the seventh day, giving a model for humanity and establishing the week[1]. When God gave the law to Israel through Moses, he mandated a Sabbath day on the final day of the week as a gift and matter of devotion to God, not as a burden[2]. In addition to a weekly observance, the Hebrews were called on to observe holy days that were to be Sabbaths[3]. Also, every seventh year was marked as a Sabbath Year where no work was to be done on the land[4].





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