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Phoebe is found in the New Testament

Phoebe (also Phebe) was a minister of the church of Cenchreae in Corinth.[1] Paul commended her to the Roman church for her preaching before many, including Paul himself.[2] He instructed the Roman Church to receive her in Jesus Christ in a way that is worthy of Christ's people and to give any help she would have needed because of what she did.


Phoebe comes from the Greek word Φοίβη (foy'-bay). Φοίβη is the feminine version of Φοῖβος (foy'-bos), which means "bright".


  1. Romans 16:1; she is called a ''diakonos'', which is commonly translated as servant but normally refers to a minister or deacon. (Link)
  2. Romans 16:2; Paul said she had been a ''prostatis'' to many. ''Prostatis'' literally means "to stand before", thus she was a minister who stood (or preached) before many. (Link)