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This article is about David's and Bathsheba's son. You may be looking for The prophet who served David.

Nathan was one of the sons of David born to Bathsheba (also known as Bathshua). He is part of the lineage from whom Mary (Jesus's mother), the biological mother of Jesus Christ, came.


Early life[]

Nathan, was born into the royal family of David through his fraudulent act of commuting adultery with Bathsheba.[1][2] He was one of the princes of the blood of Solomon.


Nathan would later be part of the Genealogy of Jesus , which his royal descendants, was absent in the accounts of the Old Testament. He was the father of Mattathah,

(The following are the list of descendants of Nathan)

3. Menna/Menan

4. Melea

5. Eliakim

6. Jonam/Jonan

7. Joseph

8. Judah/Juda

9. Simeon

10. Levi

11. Matthat

12. Jorim

13. Eliezer

14. Joshua/Jesus/Jose

15. Er

16. Elmadam

17. Cosam

18. Addi

19. Melchi

20. Neri

21. Shealtiel/Salathiel

22. Zerubbabel/Zorobabel

23. Rhesa

24. Joanan/Joanna

25. Judah/Juda/Joda

26. Joseph

27. Semein/Semei

28. Mattathias/Mattatias

29. Maath

30. Naggai/Nagge

31. Esli

32. Nahum/Naum

33. Amos

34. Mattathias/Mattatias

35. Joseph

36. Jannai/Janna

37. Melchi

38. Levi

39. Matthat

40. Heli

41. Joseph

42. Jesus, the Christ[3]

Contradiction between Matthew's Genealogy[]

The list above is contradictory to Matthew's account of Jesus's genealogy. Matthew gives Jesus being a descendant of the Davidic Dynasty by the kingly line of Solomon.

Joseph, Judah, Simeon and Levi[]

These names being uncommon for the time, were inserted by Luke as the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th generation from Nathan.

Neri, Rhesa (Shealtiel and Zerubbabel)[]

Shealtiel and Zerubbabel are present in both genealogies, partially including the Old Testament's account. Here is a list of the 3 comparing genealogies:

Matthew: Luke: Old Testament:

Jeconiah Neri Jeconiah

Shealtiel Shealtiel Pedaiah

Zerubbabel Zerubbabel Zerubbabel

Abiud Rhesa Hananiah.

(See more in the Genealogy of Jesus)



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