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Moab was a nation located east of Canaan near the Dead Sea. Moab is most notable for being a furious enemy of Israel, devoutly following the Baal-god Chemosh, close relationships with the Amorites, Midianites and Edomites and being the subject of many biblical prophecies. Oftentimes Moab referred more to the region or people group than it being its own sovereign nation, as it was often subject to the rule of the Amorites, Midianites, Edomites and Israelites.



Like virtually all other contemporary nations, Moab began from a single progenitor whom the nation was named after. After Lot had escaped Sodom with his two daughters, they lived in a cave near Zoar. Lot's daughters, who were influenced by the extreme sexual immorality of Sodom, became very concerned that there was no man to make them able to have offspring. The daughters made their father drunk and they each lied with him. Out of the incestous act, the eldest daughter eventually bore a son that she named Moab. He was named Moab because he was from his father. The nation of Moab would consist of Moab's offspring.[1].

Midian Conquers Moab[]


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