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The Messiah (Heb:mashiach מָשִׁיחַ) or the Christ (Greek:Christos χριστος), meaning "anointed" was a figure, appointed by God to deliver and rule the Jewish people. Overtime, through a progressive revelation and understanding of the plan of God, the Hebrew people began to develop a more clear understanding of the role of a future Messiah through the ministries of the prophets and their writings. While an understanding of God's just rule and reign is clearly revealed in the Old Testament, the exact nature and character of the Messiah was unknown Jesus Christ was the Messiah as present on the Earth. While Jesus already performed his initial messianic ministry, a future messianic age foretold in the books of Isaiah, Zechariah and others is yet to be fulfilled.

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History (of Messianism)

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Fulfilment of Jesus Christ

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