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This is a tabular list of the Kings of the Kingdom of Judah, one of the nations that resulted from the spin off from Israel. Organized in chronological orders of their reigns. Parameters include their number in the list of kings, the length of their reign, the cause of their reign's end and notable actions they performed. See here for the kings of the United Kingdom of Israel and the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

In the chronological order of their reigns, they are:
# Name Length of Reign End of Reign Actions
1 Rehoboam 17 years Death, succeeded by Abijam Caused the split that formed the kingdoms of Judah and Israel by enforcing stricter policies
2 Abijam 3 years Death, succeeded by Asa
3 Asa 41 years Death, succeeded by Jehoshaphat
4 Jehoshaphat 25 years Death, succeeded by Jehoram
5 Jehoram 8 years Suffered fatal stomach disease, succeeded by Ahaziah
6 Ahaziah 1 year Killed by Jehu; Athaliah usurped the throne for 6 years, was deposed by Jehoiada the priest and succeeded by Joash
7 Jehoash 40 years Killed by his own officials, succeeded by Amaziah Kept alive from being slaughtered by his grandmother Athaliah; initiated the repair of the Temple
8 Amaziah 29 years Killed by conspirators, succeeded by Uzziah
9 Uzziah 52 years Suffered leprosy, succeeded by Jotham Foolishly attempted to burn incense in the Holy of Holies was stricken with leprosy because of it
10 Jotham 16 years Death, succeeded by Ahaz
11 Ahaz 16 years Death, succeeded by Hezekiah
12 Hezekiah 29 years Death, succeeded by Manasseh
13 Manasseh 55 years Death, succeeded by Amon Committed so much murder of innocent blood in Jerusalem that God pronounced judgment upon His people
14 Amon 2 years Killed by his own officials, succeeded by Josiah
15 Josiah 31 years Killed in Megiddo by Pharaoh Necho, succeeded by Jehoahaz Led the people of Judah into a final spiritual revival before the kingdom fell
16 Jehoahaz 3 months Deposed from throne by Pharaoh Necho, replaced by Jehoiakim
17 Jehoiakim 11 years Death, succeeded by Jehoiakim
18 Jehoiachin 3 months, 10 days Deposed from throne by Nebuchadnezzar, replaced by Zedekiah
19 Zedekiah 11 years Captured by Chaldeans and taken to Riblah when Jerusalem was taken
# Name Length of Reign End of Reign Notable Events