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This is a list of Sign Acts that occur in the prophetic genre of the Old Testament. Sign Acts are dramatic performances, i.e, miracles, by the prophets that communicate a message from Yahweh.

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Act/Symbol Performer? Meaning Reference
Loincloth is soiled in the Euphrates River. Column necessary? Jeremiah 13:1-11
Potter reshapes a clay vessel. Jeremiah 18:2-11
A vase is shattered in the Valley of Ben Hinnom. Jeremiah 19
Jeremiah purchases/redeems a field in Anathoth from his cousin Hanamel. Jeremiah 32:11-15
Jeremiah is forbidden to marry. Jeremiah 16:1-4
Ezekiel builds a model of Jerusalem and moves siege figures towards, lies on alternating sides for 390 days and cooks food over human dung. Ezekiel 4