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Levi (Patriarch) is found in the Old Testament

This article is about the patriarch, and son of Jacob. You may be looking for the Tribe.

Levi (which means attached) was the third son of Jacob through his first wife Leah. He was so named because Leah was hoping that her husband would love her, despite the fact that he loved Rachel more than he loved her. He is also the founding father of the Tribe of Levi from which Moses and Aaron came.


After Israel and his family traveled to the outskirts of the settlement of Shechem, Dinah was defiled by the son of the man who ruled over the area. After the men of Shechem had been duped into a false sense of security, Levi along with his brother Simeon took swords and killed every male. The settlement then was looted of everything, including women and children.



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