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Laodicea was a city, mentioned several times in the New Testament of the Bible. The city was wealthy, prosperous, and a recipient of multiple letters: from the Apostle Paul[1] and once from Jesus Christ that was recorded by John the Apostle in the Book of Revelation[2].


Letters Written to Laodicea[]

The Christians in the city had an unknown relationship with the Apostle Paul. In his Epistle to the Colossians, addressed to the the nearby city of Colossae, Paul mentions his contention of the city [1] and asks that city of Laodicea would be greeted on his behalf [3]. Paul additionally requests that the Colossians read the letter he wrote to Laodicea, and that Laodicea reads the letter from the Colossians [3].

At one point Jesus Christ wrote a letter to the city of Laodicea, having John the Apostle write it down and send it to a messenger of the city [4]. Laodicea contained one of the major churches of Asia Minor. In Jesus' letter to the city, they are described as neither, "hot" nor "cold" [5], but lukewarm and were to soon be expelled from Jesus's mouth [6]. This is a reference to the lukewarm water of the city, since they did not have a direct supply of water, they funneled in mineral water. By the time the water arrived in the city, the water was lukewarm and therefore had a disgusting taste.

Further Jesus confirms that the city is wealthy, but that they did not realize they were indeed a "wretched", "blind" and "naked" city [7]. Jesus additionally counsels the city to purchase objects from him to fix their problems [8].

Other mentions[]

An associate of Paul named Epaphras worked with the Christians in Laodicea in an unspecified way [9].


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