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Jotham (Hebrew: יוֹתָם, Modern: Yōtam, Tiberian: Yōṯām; Greek: Ιωαθαμ, romanized: Ioatham; Latin: Joatham) was the son of king of Uzziah and the eleventh king of Judah.


Early Life[]

Jotham was born in c. 775 B.C? at the time of his grandfather, Amaziah's reign. During this time he was a royal apparent being the oldest grandson of the king and was in line to be king after Uzziah, his father. Though the date is debatable.

He was born to Uzziah most likely somewhere around 775 B.C [1]. His mother's name was Jerusha[2]. His age was 0-24 in his early life before his kingship and co-reigned with his father during the first 8 years of his reign.

King of Judah[]

In the second year of the King of Israel, Pekah the son of Remaliah, Jotham became king[3]. He was 25 years old at the time of his reign and it lasted for 16 years[2]. He did right in God's eyes just like his father Uzziah did[4]. Though like the other kings that were righteous before him, he did not destroy the high places; but he built the upper gate of the Lord's Temple[5].

He built cities in the hill country of Judah and fortresses and towers in the forests. He launched a military campaign against the Ammonite king whom then they surrendered to his power and payed him 100 talents of silver, 10,000 cors of wheat, and 10,000 cors of barley that continued for 2 years[6].

He was very powerful cause he sought to please the Lord[7].

Pekah and Rezin's Conspiracy[]

During his reign Pekah of Israel and Rezin of Syria prompted to siege against Jotham[8], but it is likely it did not succeed.


He died and was buried in the city of his ancestor, David, and Ahaz his son reigned in his stead[9].


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