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Jemimah was the eldest of three daughters Job had after his suffering, her younger sisters being Keziah and Keren-happuch[1]. Jemimah was described as being the most beautiful woman in the Land of Uz alongside her sisters. Unconventionally, Jemimah and her sisters received an inheritance from their father, alongside their brothers.[2]

She appears only in the Book of Job.


Jemimah was born to Job and his wife, sometime after Job suffered (and lost all of his previous sons and daughters). She grew up alongside seven brothers[1].and two younger sisters named Keziah and Keren-happuch[2]. Jemimah's beauty may have been recognized at birth or sometime later when her beauty blossomed. Though the meaning is uncertain, her name sounds like a "seas" or perhaps "daily", either of which reflects the beauty she was known for.

The beauty of Jemimah and her sisters was so great that it was said that no woman in the Land of Uz could compare. Their great beauty was part of Job's blessing for his endurance of suffering. She was designated to receive an inheritance of Job's estate, something that was extremely rare in the time she lived.[2]


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