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Jared was a Sethite, the son of Mahalalel and the father of Enoch.[1] He was born about 465 years after the creation of Adam. As a member of the tribe of Seth, his life was relatively simple, though things were beginning to change as the tribe had likely begun to interact with the Cainites. One reason his parents may have named him Jared (Heb: "descent") could have been their commentary on what Adam and Seth, the likely religious leaders of the day, saw as a decline in godliness. He would name his son, the future prophet, Enoch (Jared's son) in full knowledge of the city by that name that had been founded by Cain. He lived to see the death of Adam, and all the patriarchs through his father Mahalalel, and the birth and early life of Noah. He was likely among those that searched for his son Enoch, but to no avail.[2] He held the title of "oldest living man" for about 130 years after his own father's death. He died at the age of 962, about 1428 years after creation, with the second longest recorded lifespan in the Biblical record.


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