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Jael, wife of Heber the Kenite, was an ally to the Israelites when Deborah and Barak were serving as judges. Jael offered Sisera, the commander of King Jabin's army, refuge in her tent when he fled on foot from Barak.

By giving him milk to drink and a warm blanket, she assured that he would fall asleep. Once her enemy was asleep, she drove a tent peg into his head. When Barak reached her tent, Jael showed him the man he was looking for, dead on the floor.[1]

At that moment, Barak saw the fulfillment of Deborah's prophecy, concerning his own shame for fearing to take on full responsibilities in his role as judge.[2] The glory that he should have had went to a woman.

Deborah and Barak praised Jael in their victory song to the Lord in Judges chapter 5.[3]


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