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Huram-Abi was a highly skilled craftsman from the city of Tyre sent to Israel to assist in the construction of the First Temple. He was sent by the King of Tyre and Sidon, Hiram, at the request of Solomon for a skilled craftsman to do work in the Temple's construction. Huram, used his highly skilled craftsmanship to construct more specialized parts of Solomon's Temple, made detailed decorations, and assembled much of the rich furniture.


Early life[]

In the days of David an alliance formed between Tyre and Israel. In securing his kingdom, David had been a warrior and had made poor decisions that led to him not being able to build the temple he wanted to make for God. But he made plans, contracting with Hiram, or Huram, the king of Tyre.

In those days, there was a man in Hiram's court that took for his wife a widow from Israel[1], a woman born in Dan[2], but married into the neighboring tribe[3]. Their son Huram was apparently named for the king.

Growing up in Tyre, Huram received training in working with bronze, gold, silver, iron, stone, wood, ribbon and linen. He became a master craftsman, gaining experience in all kinds of decoration through engraving, and gained the ability to make whatever design was given to him. As he grew, the LORD granted him wisdom and favor with the king[4].

Work on the Temple[]

Commissioned to work[]

When Solomon became King he began to build the idea of the Temple, this his father was so anxious to build. In this, Hiram, the King of Tyre offered whatever help he wished; asides from supplies and general labor, Solomon wanted a skilled craftsman experienced with precious metals, yarn and ribbon, as well as engraving. This man would work alongside the Israelite temple builders in the city of Jerusalem and throughout the Tribe of Judah (where supply routes were conducted and many things pre-assembled).[5]

Hiram gave his reply to Solomon and told him that he would send Huram-Abi, who had great skills in everything that was asked. Huram waited in Tyre until his contract was ready.

Crafting the Furniture[]

When Solomon was ready he sent for Huram


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