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Humility (Heb: עָנָו; Gr. πραΰς) is that human quality wherein a person willingly submits to a higher power. Also translated meekness or gentleness, this quality is found in leaders who think of others first[1]. Those who live with this attitude will often be oppressed by earthly powers[2], but in answering instead to God, they will be vindicated[3]

Meaning and Usage[]

The Hebrew word עָנָו (`anav, also עָנָיו `anayv) literally means "depressed in mind or circumstances". Though outwardly this may be undesirable, to be poor and lowly engenders a sense of humility and meekness that requires submission to just laws. Apart from the Law of God, though, laws are often oppressive[4]. It seems appropriate, then that Moses, as the "law giver" was called the meekest man on earth[5]. Moses was only the spokesman.

The poetry of the Old Testament contrasted the cruelty of the rich with the special place the poor had to Yahweh[6]. Sometimes translated "poor", humility is sometimes paired with its synonyms[7]. Humbled by circumstances, the poor knew that they could depend on God[8]. Aware of their humanity, they humble are prepared to do divine things[9] and receive the LORD's blessings[10]. The prophets, in warning of the wrath to come, assured the victims of the nation's sins need only turn to God in humility to be saved[11].

In the New Testament, Jesus declared that He, like Moses, was a humble and poor man[12], but in his very first sermon in Nazareth, Jesus spoke the truth to his neighbors directly from Isaiah's Messianic prophecy: the gospel is for the humble in this world[13]. Matthew cites a Messianic prophecy when recording the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem[14].


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