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Hiram (or Ahiram) was the King of Phoenicia and ally to Israelite kings David and Solomon. Being the ruler of Phoenicia and it's major port cities of Tyre, Sidon and Byblos, Hiram had control over a massive merchant fleet and logistics. Hiram furnished cedar wood, as well as carpenters and masons who built a palace for David and later Solomon.[1] After David's death, Solomon hired Hiram to help construct the temple.

Hiram supplied Israel with wood from the Forest of Lebanon, trading and logistics from his mercantile fleet and the work of laborers (such as the skilled craftsman, Huram-Abi in exchange for food and trade[2]. Solomon also gave Hiram 20 cities in exchange for 120 talents of gold. Hiram also supplied ships and sailors for Solomon's trade interests.

The name Hiram means "my brother is exalted."




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