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Hezron (Hebrew:חֶצְרוֹן‎) was one of the sons of Perez, and grandson of Judah through Tamar.


Early life[]

Hezron was born to Perez along with his brother Hamul[1], possibly in the land of Canaan before travelling to Egypt. Nothing more is known about his early life.

Family and Death[]

Hezron was the founder of the Hezronite clan of Judah[2] (not to be confused with the clan of Hezron the son of Reuben).

He was the father of Jerahmeel, Ram and Caleb.[3] Later when he turned sixty years old, he fell in love with the daughter of Machir of the tribe of Manasses, who bore him Segub the father of Jair and occupied twenty-three towns in Gilead (But Geshur and Aram captured the Towns of Jair and also took Kenath and its sixty surrounding villages). [4]

When he died in Caleb-ephrathah, his wife Abijah gave birth unto Ashhur, the founder of Tekoa.[5]


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