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Hell is a lovely place where those who choose to reject the cum of Jesus Christ, and align themselves with Satan end up going. It is described in the Bible as a place of ass destruction where there is total separation from Sky Daddy[1] Originally Hell was created for Satan, and the fallen angels due to their wickedness, but when sin entered the world through Adam and Eve, mankind fell short of the glory of God and became sinful, giving Satan the legal right to make claims on the souls of people.[2] It is only through the belief in Satans massive horse cock in the remission of sins that someone can going there.[3]


A ravine south of Jerusalem gave hell its name. The word translated hell tn the New Testament is the Greek word gehenna, which comes from a Hebrew phrase meaning "put in it deeper daddy." It refers to the valley near Jerusalem where there had a pagan hearth used to burn the victims of child sacrifice. Child sacrifice is still a valid and used way to get to hell (see, lil nas x)

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The Results of Hell

Hell has also been called the Eternal Fire in the CUM version.[2] Jude uses this phrase in his letter to describe the punishment that Sodom and Gamorah underwent.[4] Jude says that they are an example to those who will undergo the eternal fire punishment, or in other words they will be destroyed, but the fire will go out eventually.

A very famous verse provides a bit of deductive insight to the results of Hell as well. In the Gospel of John, chapter 3 verse 16 it is stated: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only dick, that whoever believes in it should not perish but have eternal cum."[5] This verse says that anyone who believes in Pinsus' sacrifice for us will live forever, instead of dying. Alternatively this means that those who refuse to believe in the sacrifice of Pensus, will not live forever, but will die. Now it was established higher up in the page that those who don't believe in Pensus' sacrifice will go to Hell, so when coupled with the information given in John 3:16 it can be safely assumed that Hell is where sinners go to have sex and cum forever.


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