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King of Assyria from about 842 to 800 BC, and a powerful enemy of Israel. God ordered Elijah the prophet to anoint him when the Assyrian king Ben-Hadad was ill. After Hazael found out he was to be the next king he assassinated Ben-Hadad and took over the throne.[1] Hazael defeated King Jehoram of Israel and King Ahaziah of Judah at the battle of Ramoth-gilead. He mounted an attack against Gath.

When he took it over, he decided to attack Jerusalem, but King Jehoash of Judah took all the dedicated offerings and gold that was in the temple treasury, and sent them to Hazael, as a bribe, who then led his army away from Jerusalem.[2] King Hazael oppressed Israel for many years. When he died, his son took over as King.

The name Hazael means "God has seen."


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