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The Gospel of Matthew (simply, Matthew) is the first book and gospel of the New Testament, and the fortieth book of the Bible. Written from a distinctly Jewish perspective, it begins with a genealogy showing that Jesus is not only a son of David the King, but also the son of Abraham, the father of the Jewish race. The genealogy is reminiscent of that of David in the book of Ruth. As with the book of Ruth, the genealogy shows that the one referenced is worthy of the honor of the title ("king" for David, but "Christ" for Jesus).[5]

Following the same general outline as the books of Mark and Luke — the good news to God's people about His kingdom and its King. Within its 28 chapters we have an account of the birth, circumcision, baptism and ministry of the promised Messiah (God's anointed). And then, the controversial truth of the book unfolds: the Messiah is the same as the "Suffering Servant" spoken of by Isaiah! A miracle working rabbi is shown to be far more when he rises from the dead!


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