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Felix was named procurator (governor) of Judea by Claudius in A.D. 52. He was married to Drusilla, the daughter of Herod Agrippa I. He was cruel and ambitious and was responsible for the murder of the high-priest Jonathan, and the sending of other priests to Rome for trial. Felix is best known for his encounter with Paul.[1] After paul was arrested in Jerusalem, he was sent to Caesarea for judgment by Felix. The case against Paul was managed by Tertullus, who accused Paul of committing rebellion against the Romans, among other things.

Paul refuted each of the charges, and Felix postponed his judgement. Felix kept Paul in suspense about his judgment because he hoped Paul would give him a bribe. He sent for Paul on several occasions, but there was never a bribe, and he kept Paul a prisoner for two years. Felix was removed as procurator by the Romans, because the Jews were making numerous accusations against him. Paul was left in prison when Felix left, and Festus became the new procurator.[2]


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