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Romans, an epistle by the Apostle Paul was written during his third missionary journey from Corinth.[1] He presents the problem of sin and its consequences. Presenting the universal need, he shows how God has solved the problem through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In the final chapters, he applies the message to first the Jews (a minority in Rome), and then to the church that met in Rome.


The Epistle to the Romans was written by Paul. The letter was aimed at the Christians located in the capital of the Roman Empire, Rome.[2] Paul wrote while on a missionary journey in Corinth. While Paul composed the wording of the letter, it was actually written down by a man named Tertius,[3] who acted as a scribe for Paul.

In his letter Paul expresses his desire to visit Rome to see his Christian brothers and sisters, and to preach to the Gentiles in the city.[4] He explains how he has been delayed in the past because of the work God has called him to do elsewhere.[5] Paul gives his plan that on the way up to Spain he would stop by Rome.[6]

Many personal greetings are given. It is in these greetings that Tertius who was writing the letter at Paul's dictation adds a personal injection to greet the letter's readers and identifies himself.[3]


I. Intro (1:1-17)

A. Greetings (1:1-7)
B. Paul’s Longing to Visit Rome (1:8-17)

II. Teachings (1:18-)

A. God (1:18-2:16)
1. God's Wrath (1:18-32)
2. God's Righteous Judgement (2:1-16)
B. Law and Jews (2:17-29)
C. God's Faithfulness (3:1-8)
D. Righteousness and Faith (3:9-4:25)
1. No One is Righteous (3:9-20)
2. Righteousness through Faith (3:21-31)
3. Abraham Justified by Faith (4:1-25)
E. Peace and Hope (5:1-11)
F. Death and Life (5:12-6:14)
1. Death Through Adam, Life Through Christ (5:12-21)
2. Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ (6:1-14)
G. Released From the Law, Bound to Christ (7:1-6)
H. Law and Sin (7:7-25)
I. Life Through the Spirit (8:1-17)
J. Present Suffering and Future Glory (8:18-30)
K. More Than Conquerors (8:31-39
L. Israel
1. Paul’s Anguish Over Israel (9:1-5)
2. God’s Sovereign Choice (9:6-29)
3. Israel’s Unbelief (9:30-10:21)
4. The Remnant of Israel (11:1-10)
M. Doxology (11:33-36)
N. Christian Living (12:1-15:13)
1. A Living Sacrifice (12:1-2)
2. Humble Service in the Body of Christ (12:3-8)
3. Love in Action (12:9-21)
4. Submission to Governing Authorities (13:1-7)
5. Love Fulfills the Law (13:8-10)
O. Paul (15:14-33)
1. Paul the Minister to the Gentiles (15:14-22)
2. Paul’s Plan to Visit Rome (15:23-33)

III. Personal Greetings & Closing (16:1-27)


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