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Galatians is the ninth book of the New Testament and the forty-eighth book of the Bible. It is a letter written by Paul[1] the apostle to the Galatians,[2] warning them about what he called "another gospel[3]": depending on the Law, and circumcision in particular, for salvation. He would show that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone.[4] It also offers some insights into the very early history of the Church.


The Book of Galatians was written by Paul to the churches of Galatia. Depending on whether this was the southern "political" region called by that name, or the northern ethnic region, the letter can be dated as early as AD 49 (after his first missionary journey) and as late as AD 55 (while on his final missionary excursion).


The book of Galatians is an epistle, that is a letter, in this case written to a group of churches planted in the course of getting the gospel to the Roman province of Asia (occupying a similar region to present-day Turkey).

As typical of Paul's epistles, the letter comprises and introduction identifying the author and the recipients, a blessing, a presentation of the purpose of the letter, a body dealing with problems, some applications of the principles dealt with, and a concluding benediction.


I. Introduction (1:1-10)

A. Salutation
B. The problem

II. The true Gospel defended (1:11–2:21)

A. Divine in origin
B. Divine in nature

III. The Gospel defined (3:1-4:31)

A. By experience
B. By scripture
C. By covenant
D. By purpose of the Law
E. By the nature of the Law

IV. The Gospel applied (5:1-6:17)

A. Spiritual freedom
B. Restoration
C. Facing persecution

V. Concluding greeting (6:18)

A. Benediction


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