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Philemon is the eighteenth book of the New Testament and the fifty-seventh book of Bible. In this short letter, Paul[1] the apostle requests that Philemon receives his runaway slave back into his household as a fellow believer. The slave, Onesimus, had become a believer while visiting with Paul.


The Epistle was written by Paul, as a letter to Philemon, as well as a woman named Apphia, a man named Archippus and the church that met in Philemon's home.[2] Paul wrote the book while imprisoned,[3] pleading for forgiveness for Philemon's runaway slave, Onesimus.[4] Paul also asks in the letter for Philemon to prepare space for him,[5] for when he is freed from prison.

Significantly, Paul wrote the letter, recording it himself [6] rather than it being written down some other way.

Paul also greets Philemon and his church on behalf of other Christians such as Timothy, Epaphras, Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, and Luke.[7]


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