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Enosh (also spelled Enos) was the only named son of Seth, and consequently was part of the ancestral line leading to Jesus. Enosh was considered to be the first Sethite. When he was 90 years old, his wife gave birth to Kenan[1][2].


Early Life[]

Enos was born to Seth's wife about 235 years after Adam and Eve had been expelled from the Garden of Eden. His father had been born to Eve when she was 130 years old as a replacement for Abel who had died at the hands of his own brother.[3] In all likelihood, life was hard and dangerous. To keep ahead of the course of nature, big families must have been the norm. Whatever reason, the designated heir in this case ended up being Enosh.


Enosh was the first patriarch to live into the early "days of Noah".[4] Shortly before the child named "Rest" was born, Enosh had heard the preaching of his descendant Enoch concerning judgment from God[5] Enosh, at least in name was a kind of "second" Adam, a sort of hope for deliverance. In time, a true "Second", or rather "Last" Adam, would fulfil that hope.[6]


The name Enosh (Hebrew: אֱנוֹשׁ) means "man" in its relationship with God, the giver of life. The root verb is אָנַשׁ which means "to be weak". A cognate of this root, אִישׁ, was used by Adam when he designated the difference between himself and his wife.[7] In naming this son, Seth was acknowledging both the helplessness of mankind and the power of the Creator to sustain his family in the face of the challenges of survival in a world outside of Eden.


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