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Eliphaz was the son of Esau from his wife Adah.[1] He had 6 sons, one of them from his concubine, Timna.[2]

His son Teman was likely the ancestor of the Temanites, the tribe of Eliphaz, a friend of Job.[3] Amalek, the son from his concubine, was the ancestor of the Amalekites, a perennial enemy of Israel.[4]


The name Eliphaz is a translation of the Hebrew word אֱלִיפַז (el-ee-faz), which means "god of gold". It comes from two Hebrew words: אֵל (ale) and פָּז (pawz). אֵל means "strength" or as an adjective "mighty", even "the Almighty" (but also used of any deity), thus it could be translated as "a god" or "God". פָּז means "gold".


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