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Ehud was the second Judge of Israel, following after Othniel. He was a left-handed man from the Tribe of Benjamin who freed Israel from the subjugation of Moab under the rule of King Eglon.


Early life

Ehud was born to a Benjamite named Gera and was circumcised on the eighth day like all Israelites. Ehud was left handed, which was very unusual to most of the population. Ehud was probably alive when Eglon, the King of Moab conquered Israel along with a coalition of Ammonite and Amalekite forces; making Jericho the regional capital.

Judge of Israel

Near the end of a eighteen year period God raised up Ehud to free Israel. Ehud was sent to Jericho on Israel's behalf as an envoy to meet King Eglon. Before meeting with King Eglon, Ehud crafted a two-edge sword and stored it away by strapping it under his thigh.

When Ehud went to meet with King Eglon he brought several servants with him and tribute. Once Ehud presented the tribute he left the palace throne room, but returned once all of the attendants had left. Telling the King he had a secret message for him, Ehud approached Eglon. With his left-hand Eglon reached over to his thigh and stabbed Eglon in the belly.