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Eber was the genealogical father of the Hebrew people and language; and a descendant of Shem. He was a son of Shelah, grandson of Arphaxad and great-grandson of Shem. He was also the father of Peleg. While he is only mentioned in genealogies of Scripture he had a large impact as the originator of the Hebrews.


Early Life[]

Eber was born to Shelah, the grandson of Shem ninety-seven years after the Flood[1][2][3]. At the age of thirty-four Eber became a father and had his first son named Peleg[4].

Dispersion of Language[]

Peleg was given his name, meaning "division"[5] during the time of the Tower of Babel. Eber would have been present during the construction of the city and probably lived in the kingdom of Nimrod. The world's common language at the time possibly may have been Hebrew[6] (but with no name), passed down from Shem. Nevertheless when the world's languages were dispersed, Eber would have spoken the unnamed Hebrew.

He was probably given his name "Eber" (which the word "Hebrew" derives from), meaning "across the way" after Babel. Eber would have been among those who were dispersed and was eventually known to others from hailing from a far away region.

Grandchildren and Beyond[]

Sometime within Eber's lifespan he had another son named Joktan and had some daughters[7]. At the age of sixty-four Eber had a grandson named Reu[8]. He had many other grandchildren and lived well beyond (sixty eight years between their deaths) the time of Abram; living all the way until Jacob. However when Eber was at the age of two-hundred and seventy three, Peleg passed away at two-hundred and thirty-nine years old[9].

Eber died at the age of four hundred and sixty four[7]



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