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Dorcas (also known as Tabitha) was a disciple who lived in Joppa. After the conversion of Saul, she died, and Peter came and brought her back to life.[1]


The name Dorcas comes from the Greek Δορκάς (Dorkas) which is a translation of the Aramaic name טביתא (Tabitha) meaning ‘gazelle’. 


Acts 9 describes Saul's conversion and the beginning of his ministry.[2] Following this, Peter went down to Lydda and healed a man, Aeneas.[3] Whilst in Lydda, Peter is brought to Joppa by two men to resurrect the recently departed Dorcas.[4]

Dorcas is described as a disciple who was full of good works and acts of charity.[5] She had made tunics and other garments for widows.[6] Unfortunately, Dorcas became ill and died. Her body was cleansed and laid in an upper room and the widows mourned her death.[7] When Peter arrived he went to the upper room and dismissed the others in the room. Once alone, Peter prayed and told the body to "arise". Then Dorcas opened her eyes and sat up. Peter held her hand, raised her up and presented her alive to the disciples and widows. [8]

The news of Dorcas' resurrection spread throughout Joppa causing many to believe in the Lord.[9]


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