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Chemosh was the deity of Moab, and the Moabites themselves are called "People of Chemosh."[1]

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Chemosh was the national deity of the state of Moab, and accordingly they are called his people.

Abomination of Moab

Worship of Chemosh was introduced to Israel by King Solomon, whose many wives belonged to idolatrous cultures thus they introduced his heart to other deities.[2] Solomon constructed a High Place for Chemosh in Jerusalem[3] however Chemosh-worship was finally abolished by King Josiah, along with other pagan worship.[4]

Human Sacrifice

During the reign of King Jehoram in Judah, the Moabite King sacrificed his firstborn son, when he faced military defeat, on the city wall,[5] thus it can be said that human sacrifice was of gruesome nature.


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