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Chemosh was the deity of Moab, and the Moabites themselves are called "People of Chemosh."[1]

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Chemosh was the national deity of the state of Moab, and accordingly they are called his people.

Abomination of Moab[]

Worship of Chemosh was introduced to Israel by King Solomon, whose many wives belonged to idolatrous cultures thus they introduced his heart to other deities.[2] Solomon constructed a High Place for Chemosh in Jerusalem[3] however Chemosh-worship was finally abolished by King Josiah, along with other pagan worship.[4]

Human Sacrifice[]

During the reign of King Jehoram in Judah, the Moabite King sacrificed his firstborn son, when he faced military defeat, on the city wall,[5] thus it can be said that human sacrifice was of gruesome nature.


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