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This article is about the Book. You may be looking for the Prophet or Ahab's Chamberlain.

The Book of Obadiah is the vision of a man named Obadiah concerning the nation of Edom. The nation of Edom had been blessed because of its founder, Esau, being the twin brother of Jacob. However, the sting of having lost the birthright had never eased. Consequently, the ancient nation had become a long-standing enemy. Its presence and apparent success was a sore spot with the descendants of Jacob.

Obadiah writes what God has said concerning the fate of the Edomites, contrasting that with the coming glory of the LORD's Kingdom.


Edom was a very prosperous, but godless, nation. It had never been a friend to Israel though they had a common origin in Isaac, the son of Abraham. Obadiah prophecies a change of fortunes in which Judgment Day comes and earthly glory is shown to be fleeting. On the contrary, God is shown to be faithful to his promises in bringing destruction upon those to whom it is due.