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This page was created in accordance with new policies by our hosting company, Fandom, Inc (d. b.a as "")

Wiki Administrators reserve the sole right to block users at their discretion. Blocking is used to remove user accounts that are not contributing to the mission of Bible Wiki in a productive way. An administrator may opt to block a user account from participation on the site under the following circumstances:

  • Posting spam or vandalizing pages
  • Carrying on non-productive discussion threads- most frequently this may be users trying to debate Christian tenants beyond "reasonable discussion". A "reasonable discussion" entails good-intentioned dialogue that clearly addresses the arguments of the opposing user. These conversations must be kept civil and kind-hearted. While we allow for dialogue between users of different beliefs, we are not an apologetics website and cannot maintain extensive apologetic discussions. Discussions that make baseless claims, do not address the argument or that end up "in circles" will be ended. Repeat offenses or refusal to end non-productive threads will result in blocking
  • Refusal to comply with our content policy after several warnings. This can include adding content regarding extra-biblical topics, even if related to the Bible, without consultation with the Administrators.
  • Intentional efforts to undermine the evangelical beliefs of Bible Wiki. While users of diverse backgrounds are welcome, attempts to "sway" the wiki away from our mission and beliefs will not be tolerated. This does not mean relevant discussion to clarify or even challenge the beliefs is not allowed, but ultimately our beliefs are those that are clearly identified from Scripture. Ideologies in clear contradiction with Scripture cannot be part of the article content on Bible Wiki.
  • Harrasing or disrespectful behavior towards any user will result in immediate blocking.

On some occasions, short-term blocks may be issued as corrective actions against users who will not alter their behavior, but may have productive intentions. Blocks of this nature are meant to be disciplinary, but not punitive. However, the majority of blocks will be longer-term, meant to discourage (if not make it impossible for) further engagement on the site by offending users.