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A Witness that Yahweh is God: Joshua 22 - Adam S. - 2024/05/25 18:37

  This is the third post in a multi-post series on the 7 Memorials found in the Book of Joshua. See part 1 and part 2.Have you ever seen a monument built not as a reminder for the people who built it,...

Achan's Sin at Achor: Joshua 7 - Adam S. - 2024/03/30 15:38

This is the second post in a multi-post series on the 7 Memorials found in the Book of Joshua. See part 1 and part 3.Could you imagine having a place named after you? Wouldn’t it be a great honor?When...

12 Stones at the Jordan River – A Miracle to Remember (Joshua 3-4) - Adam S. - 2024/03/15 02:14

 This is the first post in a multi-post series on the 7 Memorials found in the Book of Joshua. See part 2.The two spies had just returned from scouting out the city of Jericho with promising news–acco...

A Tricky Heart: Jeremiah 17:9-10 - Adam S. - 2023/11/24 02:42

 Our (western) culture loves to talk about the heart. We repeat the saying “follow your heart” and use the heart as a symbol of romantic love. While the heart pervades society as an image of bliss and...

A Prayer about Praying: 1 Kings 8:23-52 - Adam S. - 2023/09/25 02:58

Have you ever waited for a dream you longed to come true? It may’ve been something you prayed about for years or worked hard on for decades. When the day finally comes (if God blesses it), how would y...
AdamSch AdamSch 28 May 2022

God's True Character: Exodus 34:6–7

When you think about the Lord, how do you conceive of him? A God of Justice? A God of Mercy? Who is God, or more specifically, Yahweh—God as defined and worshiped in the canon of the Bible?

Our instincts may lead us to the New Testament—the revelation of Jesus Christ. But how did the Hebrews (and later the Jews) understand who God was?

We hear of the supposed dichotomy between the “God of the Old …

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AdamSch AdamSch 5 January 2022

Jesus the Disrupter

Some forty days had passed and it was time for Mary to purify herself, according to Levitical law. By a miracle, Mary had bore the baby Jesus but had not slept with any man at this point.

Here we meet the famous Simeon, who had been promised to see the Savior in the flesh during his lifetime. He praised God and announced to everyone in the temple courts how the baby would bring Salvation to all pe…

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AdamSch AdamSch 5 September 2021

The Sign of the Rainbow

If you are like me, it is easy to take signs of God’s love found in nature for granted. The other day, when I was out walking, a ginormous natural sign hit my eyesight—a rainbow. I’ve seen rainbows many times, but on that day the Spirit stirred my heart, “Remember the rainbow!”

I think there is more to the rainbow than what we make of it, biblically speaking. In today’s world the rainbow is used t…

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AdamSch AdamSch 9 February 2021

You're Not Too Good For any Service

Before he left, Jesus left a final tool and challenge for all believers when he washed the disciples' feet

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AdamSch AdamSch 9 February 2021

The Humility Expectation

Jesus humble mindset is not the just an example, nor the exception- it is the expectation.

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AdamSch AdamSch 9 February 2021

Boast in the Lord

What are you proud of? Do you think your qualities will justify you? What does God expect of us? [Read post]

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AdamSch AdamSch 9 February 2021

Faith Amid Unbelief

Can unbelief and faith coexist? At first glance, one would be inclined to say “Absolutely not!”. How then do we explain the remarkable proclamation of a man with a demon-possessed son in Mark 9? What do we do when doubt? Read full post here

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AdamSch AdamSch 9 February 2021

Six Ways to Praise God

Psalm 105 describes 6 ways to praise God:

  1. Thank him
  2. "Call on his name"
  3. Declare his works to everyone
  4. Sing to God
  5. Seek him
  6. Remember him

Read "Six Ways to Praise God " a study on Psalm 105 and remembrance on the Bible Wiki Blog

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