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Saint Michael triumphant

Scripture refers to and names only one archangel, Michael. Since the term "archangel" occurs only twice in the Bible, we have limited understanding of his role. Based on the etymology of the term, however, it is understood that it refers to a leader of the angels.


The word archangel is a translation of the Greek ἀρχάγγελος (transliterated archaggelos). Ἀρχάγγελος comes from the Greek words ἄρχω (transliterated: archō, meaning "head" or "first") and ἄγγελος (transliterated aggelos, meaning "angel" or "messenger").


When Moses died, God buried him in Mount Nebo. Sometime after that, the archangel Michael and the accuser Satan argued about the body. The archangel did not accuse Satan of anything but rather said that the Lord would rebuke him. [1]

Michael is referred to as one who protects the people of Israel and engages in spiritual warfare on their behalf. [2]

At Christ's return, Jesus will come from heaven with a shout, a trumpet call, and the voice of the archangel. [3]