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Annas was the high priest in Jerusalem from 6–15 AD, and even after being deposed from the position, he maintained a great deal of influence through his sons and his son-in-law Caiaphas who was appointed high priest in 18 AD by Roman procurator Valerius Gratus. In the time of Christ's ministry, both Annas and Caiaphas are referred to as high priest[1] and each played a role in the trial of Jesus.[2] Jesus was first taken to Annas during the trial, who then sent Jesus to Caiaphas.[3] Later, soon after Christ's Ascension, the apostles Peter and John were arrested and taken before both Annas and Caiaphas[4]. Caiaphas is mentioned in each of the three Bible passages that mention Annas, a possible indication that the two ruled together or shared power.


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