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Angels (literally “messengers” from Heb:מֲלְאָךְ, malak and Gk:ανγελλος, angelos) are spiritual beings created to act as servants of God and to his people through performing assignments on his behalf, especially delivering messages. Literally being called the “messengers”, angels are specific spiritual beings acting as messengers as one component of the “heavenly host” (not to be confused with Cherubim, Seraphim or others). The angels delivered their messages through appearing to people in visions and pronouncing God’s word orally. While delivering messages is their primary role throughout Scripture, they generally perform tasks for God in their general capacity as a “messenger” or intermediary of Yahweh. Angels are seen acting on Yahweh’s behalf through executing judgement, rescuing people and singing God’s praises. Several references seem to assign to them a military role, perhaps creating the common conception of Angels as the "rank-and-file" soldiers in God's heavenly army. Angels are also described as being responsible for gathering believers and sorting the “wheat and the chaff” in the end times or Day of the Lord.

Very little is given about their characteristics in Scripture. Only the “Angel of Yahweh", the Archangel Michael and Gabriel are mentioned by name.

While indeed angels are spiritual beings, the Bible describes some sort of eventual human (believer) superiority over Angels.



To Humans[]

Angels were not created in God's image (as were only humans[1]). Angels do not receive the forgiveness from God as did humans but rather were cast into Hell and punished after they sinned.[2]

To Jesus Christ[]

Jesus Christ is superior to Angels as God never proclaimed Angels as His sons.[3] Angels are also to worship Jesus Christ[4] and are servants.[5] God also never had an Angel sit at his right hand[6].



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