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Andrew was one of the original 12 apostles. He was the son of a man named Jonah (sometimes the name is rendered as John), and brother of Simon Peter. He lived in Bethsaida on the north side of the sea of Galilee. The two brothers had a fishing business in partnership with James and John.

Before Andrew had met Jesus, he had been a disciple of John the Baptist. He became convinced that Jesus was the Messiah and brought his brother Peter to see Jesus. The two brothers returned to their fishing, but later, after John the Baptist had been arrested, Jesus saw Peter and Andrew by the Sea of Galilee and said to them, "Come after Me, and I will make you fishers of men".[1] Peter and Andrew, at that point in time, lived in Capernaum.[2]

Jesus always named Andrew among the first four apostles. Andrew was one of the four apostles who were with Jesus on the Mount of Olives. It was Andrew who inquired about the signs that would mark the end times.[3] Andrew also was the one who called attention to the boy who had loaves and fishes, when Jesus fed the 5000 men, besides women and children.[4]


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