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Amnon is found in the Old Testament

Amnon is the firstborn son of David and Ahinoam, born in Hebron soon after David had become king of the united kingdom. He was born in about the year 956 BC.

Having become infatuated with his half-sister Tamar to the point where he purposely made himself appear sick, he asked his father, the king, to send her to be his nurse. This served as a ruse to get Tamar into his bed, and when he asked her to sleep with him, she refused to go along with it, citing the Law.

Although she offered to appeal to their father the king, Amnon violated her. He dismissed her as if she had been a prostitute.

When she reported this to her brother Absalom, he became so angry with Amnon for violating his sister that he patiently plotted his half-brother's assassination. At a party two years later, Amnon was killed by Absalom's servants.

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