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Alexander The Great was a Greek king who would conquer the Persian Empire. He grew up in the court of his father King Philip II of Macedonia in Northern Greece. In 336 BC, Philip was murdered and Alexander was declared the successor. After crushing a revolt in the large Greek city of Thebes, he conquered land in Thrace.

Alexander then began his campaign against Persia and its weak emperor Darius III. He crossed the Granicus into Asia Minor and advanced southward into Palestine. He besieged Tyre and destroyed it completely just as the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel predicted. He conquered Egypt and then on his way out of Palestine he stopped in Jerusalem where he visited the High Priest and the Temple of the LORD. He gave the Jews complete religious freedom.

He went East conquering all of the Persian empire up to India. He died in 323 BC as master of an empire and at just 33 years old. His conquest fulfilled many of God's prophecies such as the destruction of Tyre [1] and the king out of Greece.[2]


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