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Adramelech, or Adrammelech, was a false god, worshiped by the Sepharvites, alongside Anamelech, in the form of the burning of children.[1]

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The meaning of Adramelech is possibly "Magnificent King", likewise Anamelech possibly means "Anu is King."

Gods of Sepharvaim[]

In 2 Kings 17:31, it is stated that children were being sacrificed to Adramelech and Anamelech. Anamelech was a lunar goddess, likewise it is possible that Adramelech was a sun god. It is commonly thought that Anamelech is Adramelech's companion.

The proclaimed gods of Sepharvaim were also mentioned when a comparison of the LORD and other gods was made, concerning how God actually delivered His people from oppression, while the other gods hadn't done anything to their worshipers to deliver them from occupation.[2]


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