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Abimael was the last of thirteen sons of Joktan, brother of Peleg. These brothers were descendants of Shem, living in the region near Babel at the time of the confusion of tongues. They were the ancestors of many Arabian tribes.[1][2]

One of his brothers was "Jobab," a possible alternate name for "Job." If Job was this man, he would be a Semite, leaving a probability of knowledge of the LORD even in a world that was already forgetting Him.The world in the days were controlled by the likes of Nimrod, a great uncle of Abimael.

It is recorded that a cousin of these sons, Reu, lived to be 239 years. Given this, it could be expected that Abimael might have lived about 200 years as well.


"Abimael" from "my father" and an unknown word "Mael." Since his father is Joktan, then Mael might be a title that was held by that patriarch. A similar name, Abimalek ("My father is Malek (king)") appears later. One possible meaning is "God (El) of {the} fathers" (with "Abim" being a plural of "Ab").


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