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This article is about the King of Judah, also called Abijah. You may be looking for another Abijah.

Abijam,[1] also called Abijah, son of Rehoboam, was the second king of Judah,[2] the southern kingdom. He began his short three-year reign[3] with a strenuous but unsuccessful effort to bring back the ten tribes to their allegiance. His address to "Jeroboam and all Israel," before encountering them in battle, is worthy of being specially noticed.[4] It was a very bloody battle, no fewer than 500,000 of the army of Israel having perished on the field. In spite of his defence of the true God, he is described as having walked "in all the sins of his father."[5] In other words, his political policies were no better for Judah than were those of Rehoboam. However, his efforts were honored by God because of promises made to David.


Abijam, the son of King Rehoboam and Maachah,


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