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Abihud was one of the ancestors of Jesus Christ, being the son of Zerubbabel and father of Eliakim[1]. He is omitted from the sons of Zerubbabel in the First Book of Chronicles, it is possible that Abihud may refer to Hananiah, Zerubbabel's son who was the only one to be mentioned having descendants.


Early Life and God's Plan to Redeem Israel[]

Abihud, was born to the governor of one of the provinces of Judah somewhere before his father rose to fame. He had several siblings, he was likely not the firstborn; affected by the curse of Jeconiah, neither of his brothers ever went to the throne of David. They were the 3rd and 4th generation of Jeconiah, and was likely blessed by Yahweh, Abihud, the chosen vessel which would lead to Jesus' birth. He would further live a sinless life and die for our sins and resurrect from 3 days to redeem us from slavery of sin; a.k.a in Abihud's time, slavery from Babylon.

Zerubbabel is a early picture of the promised Messiah used by God, to redeem his people. Just like Abihud, we are his children; whom God has plans too[2] that will make us reflect his glory.


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