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Abihail (Hebrew: אֲבִיהַיִל, ʾăbîhayil), was the father of Esther[1] and uncle to Mordecai.


Early Life[]

The Babylonians was later engulfed by the Persian Empire. The Jews at the time were treated nicely by the Persians. Politically, the Jews were ruled by Persian Nobilities, and maintained a theocracy rule.

His parents named him with a etymology of (father of , i.e. possessing, strength ). Which refers to their strengthening in Yahweh through the hardships throughout the life of the Jews.

Later Life and Death[]

Later he married and had a daughter named Esther, though unfortunately he was sick at the time of her birth and he passed away which led to his nephew Mordecai to raise her as a child[2].


Esther, fortunately was chosen to become the royal consort and queen of Persia. And the plot of Haman to kill the Jews, hindered by her bravery and boldness in God. His descendants are though absent in the Bible which can mean that Esther was childless, or became the father of Artaxerxes.


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